The Beginning of a Legacy.

Since 2019, EPIC'S has remained faithful to its artisanal model and its customer values. The freedom to create, the
constant quest for beautiful inventiveness from age-old crafts, and the transmission of exceptional know-how of Indian traditions – which enable the creation of unique and elegant sarees, fabrics and now ready-mades stand the test of time – forge the uniqueness of Singhania`s.



In 2019, armed with a deep passion for heritage craftsmanship and a vision to bring the allure of Indian ethnic wear to the global stage, Piyush founded Epic Saree. The inception of Epic Saree was not just about starting a business; it was about preserving and celebrating the legacy of Indian textiles while empowering artisans and promoting sustainable fashion practices.

In the bustling streets of Pushkar, Rajasthan, a midst the vibrant colors and rich culture of India, Piyush Jain embarked on a journey that would weave together tradition, passion, and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Pushkar, Piyush grew up surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of Rajasthan's heritage and the intricate artistry of Indian ethnic wear.

In 2019, with a vision to share the elegance of Indian ethnic wear with the world, Piyush founded Epic Saree. His dream was simple yet profound: to create a platform that celebrated the timeless allure of sarees and ethnic wear while empowering local artisans and craftsmen.

With a humble beginning in his small town of Pushkar, Piyush launched Epic Saree on an ecommerce platform. Armed with determination and a deep appreciation for his cultural roots, he curated a collection of exquisite sarees that showcased the finest craftsmanship of Rajasthan and beyond.

Despite facing initial challenges, Piyush's dedication and unwavering belief in his vision propelled Epic Saree forward. He tirelessly worked to build relationships with local weavers, artisans, and designers, ensuring that each saree told a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and heritage.

As word of mouth spread and the demand for authentic Indian ethnic wear grew, Epic Saree flourished. From the bustling markets of Pushkar to the digital realm of ecommerce, Piyush's brand became synonymous with quality, authenticity, and impeccable customer service.

Beyond business success, Piyush remained committed to giving back to his community. He actively supported local artisans, providing them with fair wages, training, and opportunities to showcase their talent on a global stage. Through Epic Saree, Piyush aimed to preserve and promote India's rich textile heritage while fostering sustainable livelihoods for artisans.

Today, Epic Saree stands as a testament to Piyush Jain's vision, perseverance, and love for his cultural heritage. From its humble beginnings in Pushkar, the brand has grown into a beloved destination for women seeking exquisite sarees and ethnic wear, each piece a celebration of India's timeless elegance and craftsmanship. As Piyush continues to expand Epic Saree's reach and impact, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and lovers of Indian fashion worldwide.


Trust . Roots . Diversity

At Epic Saree, these words are not just part of our brand, the very threads that weave the fabric of our identity. Rooted in the cultural heritage of Rajasthan, our brand embodies trust, drawing on centuries-old craftsmanship and traditions passed down through generations. We celebrate diversity, offering a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and designs that reflect the rich tapestry of Indian culture. With every saree, we invite you to embrace the authenticity of our roots, trust in our commitment to quality, and revel in the diversity of our artistic expressions. Welcome to Epic Saree, where tradition meets elegance, and every drape tells a story of timeless beauty.

We invite you to explore with us and be mesmerised by the many facets of Indian Luxury.